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Here at, many hours of work are put in to entertain, inform, and enliven our sport community so that we can celebrate the accomplishments of athletes. We don’t make any money doing this –we actually lose money.

We don’t mind losing money because we do this for the benefit of the sport, not for the dollars, but we would be appreciative of any folks or athletics clubs who are willing to help us cover our expenses by sending an e-transfer to To be transparent, we’ve published a spreadsheet that contains our yearly expenses. Note that these expenses do not contain the many hours of free labour that are put in by our volunteers. You can add your name to this spreadsheet along with the amount you have donated to keep the record public. If we surpass our yearly amount we will host a public discussion to decide what we should do with any excess.

In addition, if you would like to contribute to the site with an idea or article of your own, please do not hesitate to reach out to our email or social media accounts. We are accepting of anything that supports our Mission Statement, whether it’s serious or silly.