2024 U SPORTS T&F Recap

Yeah, we apologize for the delay. Our editing department likes to underestimate how long things will take. Thanks youtube user Avalanche19 for help with the header photo.

Green Circles For Climate Justice

First things first, shout out to all the athletes who participated in the green circles for climate justice challenge. We’re in a climate crisis, last year the whole country experienced air quality warnings from forest fires.

It can be easy to let the climate anxiety get to you and just tune out. It’s also easy to think there’s nothing we can do.

We have good news for you, there are very easy, non-time consuming things that student athletes can do to help in a BIG WAY, but enough people have to participate. Use this google form to enter your contact info and someone will get in touch with you to explain explain what the goals of the Student Athlete Climate Justice Coalition are moving forward and how we plan to achieve them. Most content creators would ask you for a donation, we’re asking you to sign up for a short chat about climate change. Be a rock and do us (and yourself) a solid here.

It’s understandable that student-athletes might want to buckle-down and focus entirely on their sport and school. There’s no reason that this cannot be done while supporting climate justice too. Unfortunately, the climate crisis is at a stage that requires action NOW from EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. By taking very small steps, we can use sports to help contribute to building a sustainable future for everyone.

Prediction Contest Results -Sponsored by New Balance

Congrats to the top 3: Bryson, SammyK, and glizzygod. We will be in contact with you for prizes. To everyone else (including ourselves), YOU GOTTA PUMP THOSE NUMBERS UP.

Athlete Interviews

Thanks to the athletes who gave us some stellar interviews. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get to everyone.

  1. Avery Pearson
  2. Max Davies
  3. Jared Howse
  4. Craig Thorne
  5. David Adeleye
  6. Masson Altrogge
  7. Chloe Knox
  8. Windsor Lancers 4x200m

Race Videos

Special thanks to Astrid Nyame, who trusted us with the mic for the events listed below and did a fantastic job announcing every other event. Happy we were able to give you a break.

Bonus video that we didn’t announce but still had the mic on for:

Tweet Archive

And lastly, the tweet archive.


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