@RunningHotTakes 2022 Canada Summer Games Prediction Contest

We’re back with another prediction contest for ya, and there are more than 24 hours to enter instead of just four like last time (Deadline is Friday, August 19, 9am Eastern Time)! This is also probably a good time to finally release the long overdue results of the last prediction contest, which was a tight battle won by Jonathan Peverill. We hear from sources out east that Jonny Boy like bikes. Nice!

We would like to apologize in advance to the field and para event athletes for not including you in this prediction contest, but we would like to put out a call for help! If you are a field or para event athlete and want to help with future prediction contests, writing content for the site, have any other ideas that we can implement to increase the quality of coverage for your sport, or just really like us, please reach out via social media DMs or contact runninghottakes@gmail.com. This goes for other athletes as well. More people makes less work! Lastly, we’re looking at making a trading card prize to send to all past and future prediction contest winners. Below is a first draft. Like it OR DON’T:

Alright, that’s enough Carly Rae. Let’s get to THE RULES:

Pick one athlete per group. The score you get will be based on which position the athlete finishes.

  • 1st Place = 8 points
  • 2nd Place = 7 points
  • 3rd Place = 6 points
  • 8th Place = 1 point

To help you out, we have compiled the seed times (where applicable), personal bests, and seasonal bests of the athletes in each event group. You can find those here (there is one sheet for women and one for men).

Make sure you answer the tiebreaker question at the end of the form! Good Luck!

See here for the schedule, race entries, and live results!

See CBC sports for the live streams.

Race Analysis to come (if we feel like it)…

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