2023 U SPORTS Cross Country Predictions Contest, Sponsored By New Balance

Yeah, get the preddies in. Shreddie the preddies. Predictions column to come. You can find 2023 U SPORTS XC results here to help you out.

Enter here: https://forms.gle/iDGDmiXQUKZDPQvN9


  • Top 5 selections will equal your overall score (top 5 women + top 5 men).
  • Lowest score wins.
  • Tiebreaker: 6th best selection, 7th best selection, Tiebreaker question (closest).

Entry Deadline

  • Sunday, November 12, 11:30 am Eastern Time
  • Note: will take your last entry submitted before the deadline if you want to make edits.

New Balance Prizes available:

  1. pair of shoes
  2. jacket
  3. running tights

First place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, and third place gets the remaining prize.

Winners will be contacted for their prize selections and it will be shipped to their door. Prize selections will come from as showing on www.newbalance.ca.  Inventory availability subject to change.

Good luck! Bonne chance!


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